Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby: a language, comparable to Python or Perl born in 1993!
Ruby on Rails: a framework, written in Ruby built in 2003

Ruby on Rails is a super-productive environment for developing applications. It’s faster to build apps in Rails than in Java or .Net, hands down.

  1. Ruby is a powerful, easy to learn, fully object oriented language. Rails is nothing without Ruby.
  2. JRuby. Java is not going to fade away. It is and will continue to be an integral part of the enterprise. JRuby allows Rails to fit into that environment and leverage the hell out of it.
  3. Ruby’s community is growing by leaps and bounds every day… and so are its gems (libraries), plugins, etc.
  4. Built in templatiing engine to generate web pages, emails, xml and text documents.
  5. Pragmatic philosophy of convention over configuration.
  6. Migration for applying or roll back database changes.

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