How to make Event Calendar in rails 3.0?

Uyen Nguyen

First of all, make sure that we have installed event_calendar plugin :

Rails 3

As a gem:

  gem install event-calendar

Add this to your Gemfile:

  gem 'event-calendar', :require => 'event_calendar'

Or as a plugin:

  rails plugin install git://

To generate the necessary static files AND the example below:

  rails generate event_calendar

Generator Options

  rails genarate event_calendar --help

  --static-only: Only generate the stylesheet and javascript
  --use-jquery: Generate jquery javascript
  --use-all-day: Include an 'all_day' field on events, and display appropriately

You can change the default event model name (Event) and controller/view name (Calendar) by passing in two name arguments:

  rails generate event_calendar EventModel Calendars

The EventCalendar plugin is only concerned  with displaying events. (Or really any model as long as it has name, start_at, and end_at fields.) How they are created is entirely up to
you. It does include a generator to get you up and running, but
doesn’t go as far…

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