Export data to CSV and Excel in your Rails

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A common requirement from customers is the ability to export tabular data to a CSV file that can be imported into Excel. Ruby on Rails uses the standard ruby CSV library to import test fixtures that are in CSV format.

Below are the steps we need to follow.

1. require the CSV library to controller, Where we need to write import code

require 'csv'

2. Emport code in controller

def export_to_csv       
    @users = User.find(:all)
    csv_string = CSV.generate do |csv|
         csv << ["Id", "Name", "Email","Role"]
         @users.each do |user|
           csv << [user.id, user.name, user.name, user.role]
   send_data csv_string,
   :type => 'text/csv; charset=iso-8859-1; header=present',
   :disposition => "attachment; filename=users.csv" 
end @users = User.find(:all)
Fetching all user details and assigned on @users
csv_string = CSV.generate do |csv|
Using CSV class generate method to create csv file
csv << ["Id", "Name"…

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